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Whether it’s product advice, active support on site, short delivery times, or efficient logistical and order processing, good service is vital in our opinion.

Product advice

The demands on road marking materials are increasing all the time. More traffic, different road surfaces, shorter roadwork periods, and the fact that Europe is growing closer together and standards are being adapted are just a few factors here. 

Active assistance is an essential component of our service. With many years of experience and a great deal of expertise, we support our customers with both words and actions to ensure they receive the right product for their needs. As well as the provision of product information and training, this includes advice from relevant authorities – for which there is an ever growing need. 

Delivery times

Flexibility and short delivery times are an absolute must as far as Brite-Line is concerned. We guarantee our customers punctuality and very waiting periods, whether we are delivering to a storage site or directly to a roadwork site. 

Roadwork site assistance

Brite-Line enjoys providing its customers with expert on-site support. Whether you require assistance with the application or removal of your tape or with  supervision of the traffic situation whilst road works are being carried out, we are happy to help. 

Your customer benefits at a glance

  • Deliveries to both roadwork and storage sites in a very short space of time
  • 30 years of proven Brite-Line quality
  • All our products are checked by the BASt
    (Federal Highway Research Institute in Germany) and certified according to DIN EN 1436 / ZTV M 02 (additional technical contractual conditions and guidelines for road markings introduced in Germany in 2002) / TL M 06
    (technical supply conditions for road markings introduced in Germany in 2006)
  • All our products are made from high quality raw materials
  • Modern production plants ensure quality and that we are able to supply at short notice
  • We always deliver on time because of efficient logistical and order processing