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Brite-Line Europe GmbH

Safety is what we’re about


Brite-Line Europe GmbH, headquartered in Weroth, Rhineland-Palatinate, sells temporary road marking tapes for all traffic categories and road surfaces. Brite-Line Technologies LLC has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of road marking tapes for more than 30 years. Since 2007, Brite-Line Europe GmbH has been distributing the products exclusively on the European market.

Our aim is to be present wherever we can provide the best possible orientation in road traffic with our marking tapes and thus contribute to the protection of all traffic participants. Especially for marking the construction site area, we have a coordinated product portfolio of road marking tapes, direction arrows, bicycle symbols, installation equipment and accessories at your disposal.

Location in Weroth, in the company building of Saferoad, Bongard & Lind Noise Protection and Briteline Europe
Suitable storage at site.

Brite-Line Europe - a part of Saferoad Group

Saferoad Group is a leading road safety supplier in Europe with more than 75 years of experience within the road safety industry. The Group offers a broad range of innovative and high-quality products and solutions tailored to contribute to a safer life on the road and lay the foundations for safe infrastructure solutions for the future.​​

Saferoad Group employs 2.500 experts across 13 countries. ​​

To learn more about how Saferoad is contributing to a safer life on the road, visit www.saferoad.com.​