Permanent Road Marking Tapes

Permanent road marking tapes suitable for traffic class type II

Permanent road marking tapes are developed for permanent use as type II markings. DELTALINE marking tapes are characterised by extremely high night visibility in wet conditions thanks to their profiled structure. A special polyurethane top layer ensures excellent durability, high grip and good micro-bead adhesion.

Traffic can be cleared for safe driving immediately after the road marking tape has been laid.

  • Maximum daytime visibility
  • Exceptionally good night visibility, both on dry and wet road surfaces
  • The grooved profile ensures high wear resistance and is therefore characterised as an economical product.
  • The structure of the tread pattern allows rainwater to run off, improving night-time visibility in wet conditions from all angles.
  • The top layer of high-performance polyurethane ensures excellent durability and bead adhesion.
  • The construction site area can be opened to traffic immediately after laying.
  • Laying is carried out with the usual Brite-Line primer.