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Products and Accessories

Temporary Marking

Suitable for the type I and type II traffic classes

Temporary road marking tapes

Temporary marking tapes ensure that drivers are able to negotiate roadwork sites on motorways and other main roads safely both during the day and at night. The excellent reflectivity of these tapes in particular reduces the risk of accidents in the dark and in wet conditions because of a significant improvement in visibility, therefore helping to increase the safety of all road users considerably. 

Unlike many other marking materials, the yellow marking tapes produced by Brite-Line Europe have the advantage that thay can be applied quickly, they fully satisfy all the regulations concerning traffic-related qualities, and they can be removed quickly and easily without damaging the road’s surface once the roadworks have been completed.

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Permanent marking

Suitable for the type II traffic class

Permanent road marking tapes

Permanent road marking tapes are intended for long-term use as type II marking. These DELTALINE marking tapes made by Brite-Line characterised by their ridged design, which provides exceptional night-time visibility when the road is wet. A special polyurethane coating offers excellent durability, good grip and microsphere adhesion.

It is safe to open roads to traffic immediately after application.

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Application machines & Accessories

Machines & Accessories

Not only the actual products are responsible for the durability of road marking tapes - specialist processing by the applicator can certainly ensure a longer period of use. 

In order to guarantee the longest possible service life and professional processing and application, we offer you a specially adapted set of application devices for the application of road marking tapes consisting of a tape applicator, primer spray cart and tamper cart. Various spare parts are also available for delivery on request. 

Our application machines can be used for the professional application of both temporary and permanent road marking tapes.

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