New temporary road marking tapes

Published on April 6, 2023

Now with significantly improved night visibility

New temporary films
New temporary films
New: BLE RI · Typ I · P5

New: BLE RI · Typ I · P5

For many years, our road marking tapes have been contributing to safety and orderly traffic management in Europe. Good visibility during both day and night plays a crucial role in this regard. Especially in adverse weather conditions, it can be challenging to maintain lane orientation.

Neu: Deltaline SC · Typ II · P7

New: Deltaline SC · Typ II · P7

Due to decades of experience, we have once again succeeded in developing a temporary road marking tape with improved RW values (night visibility in wet conditions). Our new profiled tape, Deltaline SC · Type II · P7, not only boasts an RW value of 6 but also has a layer thickness of 2.7 mm.

Motorists experience added value as they can maintain orientation even in heavy rain due to the high reflectivity of the tape on the road surface.

New: BLE PA · Typ II · P7

New: BLE PA · Typ II · P7

Furthermore, our new flat-profile tape, BLE PA · Type II · P7, has finally arrived in our warehouse. Here, we have improved the adhesive properties in terms of medium-term adhesion and subsequent easy demarcation. Our P7 tapes are excellent for highways as they withstand over 4 million wheel passes when installed according to regulations.